Moviestarplanet Hack

Get Diamonds, Starcoins and VIP months!

Moviestarplanet Hack – Tutorial

I remember when I spent over $500 on VIP memberships, and boy am I glad those days are over. With this moviestarplanet hack, you can register up to a years worth of VIP membership for free.* All you have to do is complete a quick, 100% working survey to help us pay for the servers. Make sure you watch the video to the left and follow the directions carefully. This hack is 100% online and requires no download.

Get Diamonds, Coins and Vip status with us!

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Why is it free?

It is free because the paying system just sucks, instead you need to complete a short survey (1-3 minutes) and you win access to the hack while we still develop it, we have tested this for a while now and it works!

Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works:

You’ve probably seen countless “hacks” on the internet claiming you can hack moviestarplanet with a piece of software…Unfortunately that’s not how it works. In order for a MovieStarPlanet hack to work, you need hundreds of accounts to timeout packet retrieval while simultaneuously sending spoof packets. MovieStarPlanet has proven itself to be one of the tougher online games to hack successfully.
So what makes us different than software you can download? Since you need hundreds of dummy accounts, there is no way all of those downloadable hacks work, if any at all. Here at, everything is run on our server, hence the no need to download a program. We have over 1,000 dummy accounts that we use to “jam up” a specific account when adding coins, fame, or changing VIP status (however changing VIP status works a little differently).
So everytime you launch the MovieStarPlanet hack, that is what happens. This all takes place in the background, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will know the data has been changed on the MSP servers by seeing the output of the success page (the page that loads after you submit the confirmation code). The output on the success page is unimportant, unless you notice a ‘FAILURE’, which sometimes happens. If this happens, you can use the code again to rerun the hack.

Why is there a code generator?

With all of the information above, it is obvious that we have a lot of resources on our server. With thousand accounts sending NOP’ed packets, this ‘tool’ comes with a lot of power. Now think if we allowed unlimited hacks per day without a code generator. Someone could theoretically automate the tool and use it for evil, such as lagging out the MSP servers or changing everyone’s account info. If this happened, MovieStarPlanet would for SURE fix our hack. That is something we do not want to happen! So, we put a code generator that generates a new code daily per IP Address. This means if you are sharing wifi with other MSP users, only one of you can use the MovieStarPlanet hack.

Are you the ‘Anonymous’ Hacker that hacked Pumpchkin in MSP?

No! We are a group of hackers that do not believe in messing with other people’s things, including accounts. We do believe that the pay-to-win model (which MSP currently supports) is atrocious and is unfair. That’s why with the MovieStarPlanet Hack we want the everyday ‘john’ or ‘jane’ to enjoy the lifestyle of VIP Status, unlimited fame, and unlimited coins without paying a penny.
Questions about the MovieStarPlanet Hack? email us –